Vehicle importation in Australia

Australia is one of the largest markets for those interested in importing vehicles into the country. The country is limited in mass production and as such, it has to depend on the importation for a major part of its automotive requirements.

It is tedious and complicated importing a vehicle into Australia. I could however be very rewarding if you are importing the right car. It is important to have money that will be enough for storage, transportation as well as duties and taxes. There are a lot of ways to make the process easy. This begins with a knowledge of the right legal procedures.

The 1901 Customs Act controls the importation of vehicles into the country. The Act clearly states the kind of cars, motorcycles, trailers and other vehicles that can be brought into the country. Businesses that import vehicles into the country need to get the appropriate permission. Such permission comes in the form of a Vehicle Import Approval document (VIA). Businesses will need to apply for this approval alongside a supporting document issued by the Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Local Government as stated in the 1989 Motor Vehicle Standards Act.

Before a vehicle can be shipped, a Vehicle Import Approval (VIA) from the Australian Department of Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Local Government must be obtained. This department can be contacted via

The VIA will then give approval for you to ship your car into Australia. It is very important to get a VIA. Without one, your car could be exported or destroyed at your own loss. You should also ensure that the required duties and taxes are paid. This includes the Goods and Service Tax and the Luxury Car Tax (if applicable to your car). As soon as this step is completed, you can then bring in the vehicle.

In place of a Vehicle Import Approval document (VIA), you could also make use of an Australian or international carnet to bring in vehicles into the country. This carnet gives you the permission to import vehicles into Australia. Duties and taxes need to however be guaranteed by an external party or organization. It is also possible to use the Australian carnet for vehicles that have been exported from Australia before.

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